Does SICOM finance service oriented projects like software development, hospitals, hotels, etc. ?


Does SICOM finance trading activities?


Would SICOM finance a project anywhere in India?


Does SICOM provide lease finance?


Does SICOM accept fixed deposits ?


Does SICOM fund infrastructure projects?


Does SICOM participate in consortium finance ?


Does SICOM provide foreign currency loans?


Does SICOM provide loan against shares?


Does SICOM subscribe to debt products?

Yes, only in the primary markets

Does SICOM subscribe to preference shares for meeting long term working capital requirements ?


Would SICOM be able to offer any ready-made / semi-finished projects to get us started ?

Yes, we can from time to time offer various ready-made / semi-finished projects for take-over by prospective experienced entrepreneurs

Does SICOM have offices outside Mumbai ?

Yes, we have four regional offices in Maharashtra at Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad and one regional office in New Delhi.

What are the norms for debt equity ratio ?

TFor a new project, debt : equity ratio of upto 1.5 :1 is acceptable. For existing companies with lower gearing, relaxations are possible

Does SICOM make trade checks with banks / institutions ?


How long it takes to process the loan application ?

Depending on the tenure of loan the time taken varies from two weeks to eight weeks after receipt of complete information

Does SICOM have application format/ brochures ?

Yes. Click here for downloads section.

Whether payment to SICOM can be made outside Mumbai?

Payment to SICOM can be made at its regional offices viz. Aurangabad, Delhi, Nagpur, Nashik and Pune

What is the typical documentation required for long term loans / medium term loans ?

Normally documents for creation of mortgage / hypothecation on the fixed assets, are required apart from personal guarantees and in some cases collateral security.

What is the security acceptable to SICOM ?

First or pari passu charge on the fixed assets of the company

What will be the interest rates for various products?

Interest rates will be based on risk rating and our prime lending rates for corresponding tenure of products.

Rate of interest is fixed or floating?

Short / Medium term loans - Fixed Long term loans - Floating

What is the frequency of interest payment?

In case of medium and long term products, the interest is payable quarterly and in case of short term loan products it is payable monthly

What charges does SICOM levy for processing the application?

Charges related to the total rate of the sanctioned amount, payable up-front.

Does SICOM extend lease finance on structured/ customised terms?


Does SICOM provide advisory services?

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